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May 2008: A Month In Review

Boogie is sound asleep in my left arm right now, so I thought I’d hurry and get our May 2008 monthly review out before he wakes up! Either that, or before my arm goes completely numb! So here we go! Oh, and if you’re new to our monthly reviews, this is where I recap what’s been going on here on Mommy Daddy Blog over the past month. I do these at the beginning of every month as a way to catch new readers up to the recent ongoings around here. You can also check out some of our past monthly reviews (been doing ’em since January 2008) by clicking here!

So, what went on last month?

I can’t believe that Boogie is already a month old! Time is flying by so fast! It seems like just yesterday he was taking his first breaths of air, and now he’s doing things like pooping on Mommy at Walmart! We also had fun throwing a giveaway for Mother’s Day this month! Missed out on anything? Well check out our 10 most popular posts of May 2008:

  • “Celebration of Mommyhood” Mother’s Day Giveaway! – We wanted to make Mother’s Day a little bit more special for mommies out there, so we threw a Mother’s Day giveaway! It was definitely a lot of fun! Speaking of giveaways, stick around, because we have more lined up for this week!
  • Mother’s Day Gifts Galore! – On Mother’s Day, Mommy received a gift from me that changed her life forever!
  • Our Week In Chicago – We took a trip to Chicago so that our families could see Boogie in person for the first time. Meanwhile, we caught up on loads of sleep!
  • Wordless Wednesday: Feeding Boogie – The picture of me feeding Boogie in this Wordless Wednesday post was taken along Lake Shore Drive while we were on our previously mentioned “vacation” in Chicago.
  • Update On Boogie, It’s About Time! – Yeah, we’ve kind of slacked on the updates on Boogie here on Mommy Daddy Blog. We’ve been so wrapped up with our little man that we’ve neglected to keep you guys updated on what’s going on! There will be more frequent updates this month though, I promise!
  • Getting Settled With Our New Addition (Pictures!) – Boogie’s first days of life, in pictures!
  • I Surrender To Mommyhood! – Shortly after having Boogie, Mommy started to experience “baby blues”. But with a little support from friends (and me, of course! I can’t leave my baby hangin’!), she overcame her blues and started to feel better than ever!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to a Very Special Mother – We celebrated Mommy’s first ever Mother’s Day as a Mommy, and this post that I wrote for her marked the beginning of something big to happen on that day!
  • The Day You Pooped On Mommy At Walmart – If you have not read this post, then you need to, although words don’t do what happened to Mommy any justice! You just had to be there! It was hilarious!
  • Flashback Friday: The Beginning of True Love – So I mustered up the courage to post a picture of Mommy and myself from 7 years ago, although I think I look a little goofy in it. Everyone kept telling me that there was nothing wrong with the picture, but I think that they were just holding back!

If you would like to view every post from the month of May 2008, you can do so by visiting our Archives page!

Thank you for spreading the word!

This month, we’ve had pretty much the same top referrers as last month, with the exception of newcomers Yahoo and MSN. Since the creation of Mommy Daddy Blog, Google was the only search engine in our top referrers. I guess either Yahoo and MSN are just now beginning to index our pages, or we’re starting to rank higher in their results pages. Who knows. Thanks to everyone who continues to send us traffic, and here are our top 10 referrers for May 2008:

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And as my good friend Porky would say, “Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that’s all folks!” That wraps up last month, and we hope this month brings more exciting things! Father’s Day is coming up soon and hopefully I’ll be on the receiving end of something shiny and black with a 425 horsepower V8 *hint hint Mommy*! Boogie will also be going on two months, and I can’t wait to see what my little man does this month! If you don’t want to miss out on anything, consider subscribing to our feed through RSS or e-mail. If you’re already a subscriber, we thank you and appreciate having you!