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What is Laparoscopy?

The human body is an incredible creation and without a doubt the most complex and finely tuned machine that any of us possess. Knowing how to maintain the body in its optimal condition is imperative for a long and healthy life. Doctors spend many years of study to first achieve their initial medical qualification and they continue to learn every day as advances in science and medicine ensure that new discoveries that must be incorporated to their knowledge bank are assimilated and utilized in practice.

Although there is no way that you can achieve the same level of medical knowledge as a medical professional without committing to a similar educational regimen, it is possible for laypeople to get a strong feel for medicine as it contains a good amount of logic intertwined with the science. The field of laparoscopy is one such example.

So That’s What It Is

Chances are that you already have an idea of what is laparoscopy just under an alias. If you have ever heard of keyhole surgery or minimally invasive surgery (MIS), you have also heard of laparoscopic surgery as the terms are synonymous. It involves surgery performed with a laparoscope – a slim camera-like instrument with a light source that enables a surgeon to look inside the body from small incisions in the abdomen. Other endoscopic-guided devices such as scalpels are interested by the surgeon as required to perform the procedure.

The “keyholes” are usually less than half an inch (less than one centimeter) and usually up to three holes are required for the camera (which is usually held by a designated surgeon) and the other tools required. Surgery for ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometriosis, as well as different liver and pancreas surgeries may be performed by laparoscopy.

When it was mentioned earlier that there is logic involved in science, laparoscopy is a prime example. Many decades ago, when medicine was still very much in its evolutionary phases, a surgeon was judged according to how blood was on his gown following the surgery. These days, anyone can tell you that this belief was misplaced to say the least. Laparoscopy has taken this knowledge to the opposite extreme.


It is consistent to think that if a lot of blood in a surgery is “bad” than as a little as possible is “good.” The small incisions made during laparoscopy are preferable to the larger incisions made during other types of surgery as they require less stitches, result in less blood loss and less trauma; consequently, the healing process under laparoscopy is quicker than under regular surgery.

On the flip side, it is more difficult to perform laparoscopic procedures due to the lack of space in which the surgeon has to work as well as the counter-intuitive surgery technique. These limitations are compensated for by the skill of the surgeon though.

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