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Look Who’s Walkin’

Please excuse the proud parents in the background! LOL!

Why Kids Should Be Strapped In Their High Chairs at All Times

Yes this picture was staged, but catching him in the act made us want to post this friendly reminder for parents who are as challenged as we are.

Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage

From the creators of the award winning website Black and Married With comes a ground breaking documentary set to challenge negative stereotypes surrounding marriage and parenting in the black community. Couples and experts discuss topics such as the image and portrayal of black marriages and families, the effect the Obamas will have on marriageContinue Reading

Boogie’s 1st Birthday Recap!

My how fast the past year has gone by! Boogie turned a year old yesterday and the whole day was about him! We put together a recap video for you all to see how much Boogie enjoyed his first birthday!

Buzz of the Week – April 12th, 2009

Ok, it’s official: we can’t make up our minds! We’ve decided, again, to post all reviews and giveaways on a separate section of Mommy Daddy Blog, which will be called Buzz. We’ve set up a separate feed solely for reviews and giveaways posted on Buzz, so if you’d like to stay updated on those, weContinue Reading

Ultimate Blog Party 2009! OW OW!

Hi there, and welcome to Mommy Daddy Blog! We’re glad you could stop by! We had so much fun last year that we absolutely couldn’t miss out on this year’s Ultimate Blog Party! So allow us to introduce ourselves… We are Sheena (aka “Mommy”) and Greg (aka “Daddy”), and together we make up Mommy DaddyContinue Reading

Pizza Hut Tuscani Lasagna, Mmm Mmm!

Last Sunday, Pizza Hut treated us to their new Tuscani Lasagna. Although we had heard good things about it, we didn’t know what to expect and even had low expectations due to the last time we ordered from Pizza Hut. A little while back, we ordered the Pizza Mia pizzas from Pizza Hut and theyContinue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Our Greatest Christmas Gift!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, from our family to yours! (Sorry to sound so generic but hey, it gets the point across!) P.S. Notice anything different around here?