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Note: We, as a couple, both decided to take a hiatus from posting our personal family adventures here, however, Mommy Daddy Blog is still regularly updated with Sheena’s random musings, and articles of interest!

Musings and articles featured on Mommy Daddy Blog come from the blogs Sheena owns and/or contributes to regularly.

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About The Authors

We, Mommy (Sheena) and Daddy (Greg), are junior high sweethearts who became first-time parents when our beautiful baby boy, Boogie, was born on 04/26/08! Here on Mommy Daddy Blog, we chronicle our adventurous journey through our newfound parenthood!

We’ve both always loved babies and frequently talked about having one of our own. So when we found out that Mommy was pregnant, needless to say we were very excited! We were so excited that we wanted to share our experiences and adventures through the pregnancy and as new parents with the world. So we launched Mommy Daddy Blog on December 19th, 2007, only a couple of weeks after finding out that we were pregnant with Boogie.

Mommy Daddy Blog has since brought about a wealth of opportunities for us. Most importantly it has allowed us to connect with other moms and dads and share the joys and experiences of parenthood.

So feel free to have a look around, or contact us with any questions, comments, or even just to say hi! We’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to stay updated on the latest happenings on Mommy Daddy Blog by subscribing to our feed!

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Peek Into Our Life

Want to learn more about us? Here are some of our previous posts that we believe best gives some background on who we are. Enjoy!

The Pregnancy

Our First Doctor Visit – Our first visit to the doctor after finding out that we were pregnant.

Now That I Think About It… – Daddy’s recollection of when Boogie was conceived.

My Conception Story – Mommy’s Depo Provera scare, but with a happy ending.

“It Said Yes!” – Daddy’s recollection of the day he found out he was going to be a father.

Our Baby Shower Blast! – Friends, family, games, prizes, gifts, food, fun: the perfect mix for an awesome baby shower!

Mommy Lost Her Mucous Plug!!! – Excitement ensued when Mommy lost her mucous plug, knowing that Boogie could arrive any day now!

Mommy’s Week-By-Week Updates – Mommy’s weekly updates of our pregnancy, from the 22nd week to the 37th and final week.

Birth of Boogie

This Is It! It’s Time! – Daddy’s telling of events of the day Mommy went into labor, including updates within hours before and after Boogie is born!

Meet Boogie! – The celebration of the birth of our baby boy!

Getting Settled With Our New Addition (Pictures!) – Tons and tons of pictures of Boogie’s first days of life.

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