Kid-Friendly Yards with Grownup Spaces

latinofamiliaHaving a backyard that provides a fun and engaging atmosphere for your children, while offering parents a calming sanctuary and place for entertaining, can be a challenge. After all, Barney the purple dinosaur doesn’t necessarily spell class and sophistication. Finding a balance of the two and knowing how to divide them from one another is key to making the yard a multi-purpose, multi-functional space for parents to entertain friends, and for kids to engage in playtime. 

Your mission
In order to provide an outdoor space that offers children a fun play area while not taking on the semblance of a playground, one must engage in some intensive creative planning. In an article on how to create a kid-friendly back yard without parents having to sacrifice on their space’s aesthetic appeal, the author gives some landscaping tips. For example, making a “secret garden” for your children will inspire their imaginations, and the space can be used for parents while the little ones are in bed. The author states that whether it is behind a grove of trees or tucked behind hedges, an area spaced away from the main yard can be used as a fort or a fairy hideaway to inspire your kid’s imaginations. After the little ones are in bed parents can set out some lanterns and cushions and use the space for a relaxing evening with a glass of wine. 

The author also suggests planning a children’s garden. The addition of a garden won’t infantilize your outdoor space in the slightest, but it will provide your kids with a space of their own where they can learn about the science of growing their own produce and flowers. Having their own garden will teach them time management skills and responsibility, while adding color and vibrancy to the space.

Having a safe environment for your kids while keeping a luxurious look for parents is an easy enough goal to reach. For example, use some non-skid pavers to prevent your children from slipping. Of course kids will be kids, and there is no way to prevent them from injury unless you expect them it live in a bubble, but buying classy looking pavers with a skid-proof finish and some non toxic plants and flowers for the garden will keep children safer while providing parents with an elegant look.

Finding the right furniture to help define the space can be a challenge if one hopes to meet the needs of both parents and children. While the furniture must be fun for kids, it must flow with the rest of the adult furnishings. A great solution to this challenge is to purchase a set of neutral colored patio furniture from All Backyard Fun, and buy a separate sectional middle chair for each child. Kids will love this option because it will make them feel like the chair is their own. You can even get fun pillows with designs your child loves to put on the chair and further defining it for your little one. Parents love this option even more because when they are entertaining larger groups, the kid’s pillows can be taken inside and the sectionals will simply flow as a continuation of the rest of the mature living space’s furnishings.

No compromise is necessary
By following these points of advise, parents don’t have to compromise and be stuck with a yard full of Mickey Mouse statues and Spiderman playthings. A little creativity can offer a multi-functional space that will delight parents and kids alike.

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