How to Child-Proof Your Home

When your child begins to increase her mobility, it’s time to start child-proofing your home. Your home may have a number of dangers, including some that you may not even notice. You must take the time to carefully go through your house to find these dangers before your child accidentally stumbles into a precarious predicament.

The Bedroom

Before your child could move independently, you likely did not need to child-proof his bedroom. When your child begins to crawl, you need to transform his bedroom into a safe place. Start by looking for any clear dangers, including exposed electrical outlets. If you can create a safe room for your child, you can leave him to play independently. Consider using a video monitor, such as one from Levana Child Safety Products, to keep an eye on your child when you’re not there. These monitors will give you peace of mind while you attend to your daily household chores.

The Bathroom

Many families store cleaning chemicals and other dangerous substances in their bathrooms. A curious child could potentially ingest these toxic chemicals. If you must store these substances under your bathroom sink, use a cabinet lock to keep your child away from the chemicals. You should also move any corded devices commonly found in the bathroom, including hair dryers. Your child could pull the devices down and potentially injure himself.

The Living Room

Start child-proofing your living room by covering each electrical outlet with a cover. You should also take a close look at your living room furniture. If you have a coffee table, consider putting it somewhere else if it has any sharp edges. When your child begins to improve her crawling abilities, she may frequently crash right into your coffee table. If you have any important family treasures, including vases, place them on shelves where your child can’t reach them.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen likely features a few elements that children may find fascinating. Many children, for example, enjoy playing with pots and pans. You can keep your children out of your cookware by installing child-proof cabinet locks. You can also use special child-proof locks for your major appliances, including your oven.

Child-proofing is the best way to protect your child from minor and major accidents in your home. If you take the time to go through your house carefully, you can make your home a safe place for your child.

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