Great Decorating Ideas For The Family Home

Most people would agree that a family home needs to be practical, convenient and hardwearing. Busy family life can inflict serious wear and tear on a home, with mud-magnet children and free-running pets posing a challenge to the most house proud among us. But when it comes to home interiors, practical doesn’t automatically mean your dwelling has to become a style-free zone. Happily, there are many attractive decorating options out there combining easy practicality with eye-catching style.

Living and dining

When redecorating it makes sense to spend the most time and money on the rooms in the home that are most heavily used. After all, this is where the family congregates at meal times, gather around the TV or simply hang out together – it is important that quality time spent with the family is as comfortable and relaxing as it can be.


To create stylish, comfortable living areas, it is best to start with the seating. Soft furnishings are the key to a room’s personality and the sofa and armchairs should dictate the style direction. Choose practical colors that do not show the dirt – natural shades such as oatmeal and stone are great ‘stain absorbers’ whilst still managing to promote a feeling of elegance. For large families, scatter cushions and beanbags work well, allowing children to stretch out in their own spaces.


Eating together as a family on a regular basis keeps everyone in touch, allowing them to share the events of their day with the rest of the family. Avoid that ‘ships that pass in the night’ syndrome by creating a relaxing and welcoming dining environment where the family will want to spend time together. Ensure that there is sufficient room around the dining table for everyone to sit comfortably.


Busy living areas should have an element of calm about them when it comes to a color scheme. Too much pattern in wallpapers and fabrics, and really bright colors can give a hectic feel that is not really conducive to harmonious family life. Choose from a pale color palette, optimizing reflected light and increasing the feel of spaciousness. Any hot and primary colors that are used (with discretion) can be accented with throws, rugs and wall art, adding splashes of color that invigorate but do not overpower.


Another instant revamp for a living or dining area can be achieved with the replacement of the flooring. Tired looking carpet should be taken up and replaced with sleek, easy to maintain wood flooring or cool tiles. Give a home an instant facelift with wholesale flooring by ProSource wholesale floorcoverings, where trade prices and great choices make revitalizing home interiors a real pleasure. Think long and hard about flooring options. Will it be easy to clean? Will the color make the room appear more spacious or compact? How will it feel underfoot?


Clever storage solutions for audio-visual equipment can make living areas more flexible. A fireplace makes a good alternative focal point to the flat-panel TV, which is increasingly being hidden behind artwork on the wall. Create space with sleek storage walls that hide clutter, invest in space-saving systems to house DVDs, books and games. Create window seats with storage underneath, put up shelves, stow all clutter away and the house will suddenly seem bigger.

Remember, a happy home is a well designed home and time invested in planning the right décor will pay huge dividends.

This post is has been contributed by Alexandra Maxwell.

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