Gardening with Children

sunflowerIt’s great to get your children out in the garden; there are so many benefits of really getting your hands dirty and creating something together. It doesn’t have to be parent and child; it can be aunties, uncles, cousins or even grandparents! Anyone who has knowledge to impart and enthusiasm to contribute should give it a go!

All children like going outside and getting dirty, even if they say they would rather watch television. After a couple of hours out in the fresh air doing something really practical like gardening, they will thank you for it!

Gardening with your children teaches them the importance of stick-to-itiveness and patience and gives them a really healthy outlook on food, where food comes from and how things grow in nature. Children should be educated from a young age that fruit and vegetables do not just some from the super market, they come from the ground and anyone can help make them grow.

If you are considering gardening with your children, remember, you don’t need an allotment or acres of land, you can plant something in a pot if you only have a balcony or patio, and the experience is just as rewarding. Here are some of the best and easiest plants to grow with your children:

Lettuce – What a great introductory plant for children. First of all it’s something they can eat and the flavour is not of a particularly offensive or poignant nature, therefore many children will want to eat it. It also grows really fast in a reliable manner, meaning children can see their results in a short period of time retaining their interest.

Sunflowers – The classic children’s gardening staple. Sunflower seeds are so easy to come by, and cultivating the plant is a relatively easy task. Sunflowers are also fairly resilient so there’s not too much chance of anything going wrong! The sunflower is of a formidable aesthetic and can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Cherry Tomatoes – It’s as if these tiny treats were designed for little hands and little mouths. The cherry tomato may need a little more time and effort but when you see those shiny red fruit sticking their heads from around their green foliage, it is a really exciting time for all involved.

This post is has been contributed by Interflora, UK flower experts.

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