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Let Him Love Thomas

Let Him Love Thomas Sophistishe mommy blog Jayden, like many boys his age, has a true love for Thomas & Friends. There’s nothing to date that he is more devoted to than those cheeky trains. I realize that Thomas is “the cheeky one”, but they all are cheeky to me :).

I can not remember how the infatuation all began. He was two. One episode of Thomas & Friends led to another, then DVDs and PJs were purchased, a train set, trains, outfits, and accessories. He began correctly identifying every train and character from the series even the trains that are very similar. I realized that he was head over heels, but I didn’t want our home to become filled to the brim with Thomas & Friends toys and accessories mainly because I have this thing about characters. Having too many of them in our possession at once. Characters that may not necessarily influence our purchasing decisions, but may certainly serve as a deterrent to our toddler when we have our hearts set on what’s practical. Characters that would get in the way of the mature swagger I wanted my little guy to have.

Let Him Love Thomas Sophistishe mommy blog

When it comes to parenting, I tend to over think things, but I try to seek a medium that works for us. I usually end up making adjustments elsewhere to compensate for the situations in which I am more lax about. I try to craft our perfect. Continue reading on the Mega Bloks Family Club →

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.   When thinking about it, most of our last purchases at Walgreens were for Jayden. When it comes to health and wellness products, we always opt for the Walgreens brand since they are more affordable than the name brandsContinue Reading

Date Night Overdue

039I cannot pinpoint the last time Greg and I went out. Alone. I suppose it was maybe two years ago? For three years we’ve been waiting on the opportunity to get back into the groove of things. Parenting can be so exhausting at times, but perhaps we could have tried harder to do more for “us”. Two weeks ago, we did just that. Jayden went to visit with his great grandmother and Greg and I headed to the recreation center. The place was empty and we got to play a round of miniature golf (bass ackwards), ride go-karts and paddle […]Continue Reading

Playdate Place: A Great Resource For Playdate Planning

Play collagePlaydates are something that I never considered attending until being introduced to a group by a friend. I mean it wasn’t an organized VIP play group, so stop rolling your eyes, but just an awesome group of local friends getting together with their kids :). We usually gathered once a week or as often as schedules allowed. Sometimes we’d all bring a dish, snack, or a special toy or activity that the kids would enjoy. The kids played so well together and I think the dates were great for Jayden who is used to playing alone, with Greg and I, […]Continue Reading

Hair braiding is not my forte.

I have a confession. I cannot cornrow or part a straight part to save my life. When it comes to hair styling, I am of the challenged variety. I can make a decent braid or twist, but it takes a little too much effort I’m willing to give up. My mother did my hair untilContinue Reading

6/12/11: Spontaneous Surprises

046_1Mission Stop at Marshalls. Pick up some candles, maybe some capri’s, and head to the park. What really happened On the way to Marshalls, Greg caught a glimpse of a big brown animal in front of Culver’s which he thought was a camel. Coming to a halt, “Whoa, did you see that? It’s a camel laying there in the grass!”, Greg shouts. We detoured and headed back to find that it was a cow with her calf! Our local Culver’s was having their annual 4H Dairy Fundraiser. So to celebrate, a local dairy farmer brought a dairy cow and her […]Continue Reading