Hanging Out With The Disney Mocha Moms!

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As you read this, Boogie and I are probably having a blast at the 2nd Walt Disney World African American Mom Blogger Mixer! We may have missed out on the Hershey’s Night At The Museum (traveling back fell on Boogie’s birthday), but being here at Walt Disney World in the company of Maria Bailey of BSM Media, Laura Spencer and Leanne Jakubowski of Walt Disney World and the Disney Mocha Moms is making up for that!

This year’s Disney Mocha Moms are:
Christie of A Work In Progress
Latricia of 1 Stop Mom
Ana of Quisakeya
Akilah of Execumama
Michele of Sweet Life Magazine
Ronnie of Black And Married With Kids
Tanisha of Girl, Lemme Tell You
and me!

Join us as we sprinkle a little Disney magic across the twittersphere from our perspective by following hashtag #disneymochamoms! I got my HP Mini, T-Mobile G1, Whrrl SMS pocket guide, Kodak EasyShare C613 equipped with Eye-Fi, Flip Mini HD, and my Canon Rebel XT.

I am ready!

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8 Responses to Hanging Out With The Disney Mocha Moms!

  1. Congratulations on being a Disney Mocha Mom. I love your blog as well as Christie’s . I am a frequent reader. Make sure you take plenty of pictures and post them all up when you get back. I have been following the Twitter hashtag. Wish I was there. :)

    Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva´s last blog post: I AM LOVING BABY WEARING

  2. Atasha says:

    WooHoo you sure are ready. How exciting. I know you’re having a blast and I look forward to seeing some great photos

  3. 1stopmom says:

    Hi Sheena,
    I am still a little awe about being able to meet you an boogie. You are so sweet and kind and funny. And you are a great mom. I hoping we can stay in touch, You just might see me at blogher :)


  4. Quiskaeya says:

    Girlfriend was it great to finally meet you! And of course Boogie! What a cutie-patootie and put both my kids to shame in how good he was. Here you were the youngest in the group and you acted the most grown. HA! The rest of us acted crazier than crazy. lol We must keep our yahoo group going so we can keep in touch in a more closed setting.

    Quiskaeya´s last blog post: Disney African American Mom Blogger Mixer Event

  5. kristin says:

    I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

  6. Yes, we DisneyMochaMoms had a wonderful time at Disney!

    Sheena, I’m so glad I got a chance to meet and hang out with you and the little guy. He has your sweet & kind spirit.

    Let me testify to your readers that Boogie is the sweetest & best behaved baby! We were constantly on the go, sometimes in the blazen’ sun, sometimes in loud places, for 12 hours stretches and that baby did not fuss at all (just smiles and coos). I only heard him cry at the end of the weekend and even that was brief.

    Both mommy & Boogie are wonderful. Hugs to you both.

    – Michele

    GingerSnapsMama´s last blog post: May – Week 4

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