New Study Examines Moms by Race

african american mom with son

I’m very excited to share that BSM Media partnered up with several prominent African American mom bloggers to research the specific needs of African American Moms when it comes to marketing to them. Bloggers involved include: Jennifer James, editor of Mommy Too! Magazine, Melanie Sheridan from Mel, A Dramatic Mommy, Kimberly Coleman from Mom in the City, and Michele Dortch, The Integrated Mother.

Key Findings of the study include:

— Although the majority of all moms have made household adjustments to cope with the economic crisis, African American moms are more likely to delay major purchases (57%) and avoid stores to reduce shopping (54%). Caucasian moms are coping by using coupons and discount codes (73%) and driving fewer places to conserve gas (62%).

— African American moms are more likely to turn to clergy for support (60%) than Caucasian moms (41%). Other popular support outlets among both races included spouses, parents and other moms.

— Although moms across racial lines ranked education as their greatest dream for their children, African American moms are more likely to aspire for their children to have a deep religious commitment as adults than Caucasian moms.

— Caucasian moms named managing the desires of their children for material things as a challenge (45%), while African American moms are battling with affordable housing (35%).

— While online, African American mothers are more likely to read articles (68%) and experience music (45%). Caucasian mothers are likely to frequent social networks (45%) and message boards (43%).

Visit New Study Examines Moms By Race for more information on this study.

8 Responses to New Study Examines Moms by Race

  1. Felicia says:

    Very interesting. I would have thought African-American moms would clip coupons more, but I guest not. Thank you for this article.

  2. Thanks for sharing the study. It was interesting to note how (in general) our faith and our ability to delay gratification (by putting off major purchases) sets us apart…

  3. Felicia: It was definitely surprising about the coupons, but it does take a lot of time for moms to clip coupons and get the savings they need. You should see how much time it takes me to coordinate my CVS extra bucks and weekly savings.

    Sheena: Thanks for linking this on your blog! I think a lot of marketing opportunities for black mom bloggers, in particular, will arise from this.

  4. Sheena says:

    Coupon clipping is something that I’d love to do more often. I agree, it is very time consuming! Hopefully I’ll be able to partake in those future marketing opportunities :-).

  5. Clipping coupons is something I really need to get better at. I sometimes get a pile of coupons of products we actually use, but I have a tendency to forget them when heading to the store. Guess it’s time to get myself one of those coupon organizers that I can just keep in my purse at all times.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I enjoyed reading this article and found the study results fascinating. Thanks. :)

  7. Colette S says:

    This is quite interesting.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I was surprised by the results on how the different races spend their time on the internet.