Valentine's Day

    DIY Valentine’s Day candy Wrappers


    Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday my kids look forward to each year because it’s a time they connect with their friends at school in a creative way. As a mom, I try to keep what we do for the classmates simple. It makes the prep easier and less stressful if I know the project is doable for the kids. That way, I’m not up all night trying to do it on my own.

    It becomes a team effort and something we all enjoy doing together. This year, we are making DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Wrappers. To make these cute little customized wrappings, you simply need construction paper and stickers.

    To get started, here are a list of things you will need to make your DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Wrappers:



    • box candy or candy bars that can easily be wrapped with a rectangular strip of paper
    • construction paper
    • scissors
    • tape
    • stickers


    Step One: 

    Cut a rectangular strip of construction paper. Size it to wrap around the object you are wrapping. In terms of thickness, you can cover the whole box or candy bar almost completely, or make the strip thin where a good portion of the candy bar or candy box is exposed. For instance, we left just about an inch visible on the top and bottom of our box, once wrapped.


    Step Two:

    Wrap the strip around the box or candy candy bar and using clear tape, tape it.


    Flip over to the side without the tape seam so that you can begin to decorate with stickers.


    Step Three: 

    Decorate with stickers. We used foam heart stickers but you can use any kind of stickers you wish!


    Step Four: 

    Continue decorating until you have enough for your classmates or friends!

    Fantastic work and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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    DIY Valentine's Day candy Wrappers

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